NedFox: 400+ Garden Centre's, 2000+ Active tills

Since starting in 1994, over 400 garden centres are now using NedFox’s cloud-based ePOS retail solution RetailVista. That adds up to over 2000 tills in operation right now in garden centres and nurseries, as well as other horticultural retailers. We are specialists in working with retailers of all sizes, from independents, small to large chains and buying/marketing groups. Our biggest group being Garden Retail Services in Holland, comprised of 250 independent garden centres which benefit from shared promotions, loyalty, supplier purchases and more; all efficiently managed from our software.

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Started in 1994 in garden centres, nurseries as well as other horticultural retailers in Europe.

400+ Garden Centres !

Over 400 Garden Centres in Europe are using our Cloud-Based ePOS solution.

Why ?

Because NedFox' future proof ePOS solution RetailVista has been continually developed to meet the needs of horticultural retailers.'

Low Monthly Fees !

No contracts ! Just an affordable monthly service fee.

Access from Anywhere

At home? on Holiday? All you need to login to your company is a phone, tablet or pc with internet (3g, 4g, Wi-Fi

No server investments

No need for on premise servers anymore, NedFox will take care of data security, backups, updates, systems management and so much more. You will have more time for your business !
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Answer to the Question 'Why' do over 400 garden centres use NedFox' ePOS solution 'RetailVista':

  • Extensive knowledge of the horticultural trade.
  • Approachable, knowledgeable & genuine team.
  • Our customers range from Single store to multi-stores, Retail Chains, Shop-in-Shop.
  • Outstanding support (multi-language), by telephone, remote support or on location.
  • Specialists in converting clients from old, tired an poorly supported ePOS to our future proof RetailVista.
  • Training is performed on-site, at NedFox and/or via remote support.
  • We are able to deliver turn-key projects if requested. All hardware, software, services, training is performed and supplied by NedFox. In-house and/or on location.
  • Because of our extensive project management we are able to handle every project.; be it a completely new project or conversion from another ePOS provider.
  • Our software is extremely extensive for use at garden centres. Therefore, the functionality you need at your garden centre is almost certainly available (If it isn't available our great team of programmers should be able to develop it).
  • Garden Centre café/tearoom or restaurant ePOS.
  • Within 15 minutes of training a cashier is able to operate our RetailVista ePOS till.
  • And more...

Europe's first Cloud-Based ePOS – the only Retail solution, and this is why:

A cloud-based ePOS solution gives the garden centre the freedom that a modern business needs to stay ahead of the game.

Instant access from anywhere, full integration with your loyalty scheme, your customers, your social media and your online presence.

  • In the cloud, anytime, anywhere
  • Interact with your customers more effectively
  • Create a much more effective loyalty & reward schemes
  • Any type of multi-buy, mix & match or other sales promotions
  • Accurate loss, theft and wastage records
  • Run single or multiple webshops
  • 15 minutes training only for new cashiers
  • Reduce your average stock levels
  • Comprehensive management statistics
  • Flexible, scalable and Future proof
  • No on-premise servers, no maintenance, no updates, no back-up's
  • Increase customer benefit perception
  • Avoid pricing mistakes


RetailVista v.s. NedFox:

RetailVista is the brand-name of NedFox' Cloud Based Retail Platform.

If you wish to read more (technical & functional) about RetailVista visit the website.
This site will give technical and functional information about our retail platform (ePOS & ERP).

Fill in our contact form if you would like us to contact you.

Alternatively you can initiate a chat on the right bottom side of the screen if an agent is online.

Modules & Services

The standard Cloud based ePOS benefits such as

Improved stock management, speed & efficiency, better cash control, basic loyalty schemes, improved security, fast accounting, optimised sales & product lines and quick stock searches. All of these are benefits of any ePOS system.

Manage your business away from the centre

Access your (sales) data 24-hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere, with Internet. You can monitor your business on a mobile device through real-time sales reporting, giving you control over stock and customer information.

Incur lower costs

A traditional hardwired (server-based) system will incur an upfront, non-refundable software licence fee, an annual maintenance fee for upgrades and likely other charges for technical support and training. By comparison, a Cloud-Based system will have minimal or no upfront fees and low monthly charges.

Utilise advanced integration

Cloud-Based systems allow you to integrate many business and e-marketing functions into your ePOS system including, external accounting and digital loyalty or reward schemes as well as web shops, which are not possible on many traditional platforms.

Get instant upgrades

Monthly fees include instant upgrades to the technology, which are done remotely without any downtime or management costs to your business. This is a significant business advantage over traditional systems.

Minimise the risk

The risk of data being lost through corruption and virus attacks is greatly reduced with Cloud-Based solutions because everything is stored online. In addition, the cost of having to re-install system drivers on traditional server-based ePOS systems can also be avoided.

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