Technical Director -

For me it’s always a challenge to apply technology in such a way that it supports people to do their job efficiently. I am the technical director (also known as CTO) of NedFox. My job is to translate the customer needs into technology. What makes my job exciting is the ability to read between the lines, find out what customers will need within a few years. As technology takes time to develop, I have to look forward and act on future needs. My background comes from a Garden Center, my parents had a GroenRijk Garden Centre and were one of the first participants in Vesatuin, currently known as GRS (Garden Retail Services). Between my education and NedFox I had my own company FlexiFix BV where I was the founder of a school administration software application Asis 2000, currently developed by Schoolmaster and known as ‘Magister’. In the next couple of years, our technical focus will move from the traditional web browser to a mobile version of RetailVista. Like to discuss? Give me a hint at