RetailVista Suite


Managing your RetailVista data in a secure data centre. Access your data through an internet connection with this data center. For extra security the data is stored, via mirroring, in a 2nd secured data centre. In addition, every night a backup of your database is made.


Basis is the most important module of RetailVista. All relation and product information can be managed. The very comprehensive search system ensures there can be searched for a product in different ways and using multiple combinations.

Article maintenance overview

Article maintenance statistics

Point of Sale

RetailVista POS runs local on a SQL Server Express database. Periodically (time adjustable) this database is synchronised with the RetailVista master data. The cash receipts are processed instantly to RetailVista. The POS can be used with or without a touchscreen. Screen layouts are fully configurable. 15 minutes learning time for cashiers.


Setup different types of promotions: Quantity price breaks, Discount agreements and Mixmatches. Also setup of the discount requirements: Discount product requirements, Discount sale value requirements, trade sales, staff concessions and promotion vouchers.

Catering functionality

Multiple kitchen printers can be controlled. Each department gets a receipt with only the items they must prepare in their specific station. Table number and diet wishes are also printed on the receipt.

Fashion functionality

Functionality to quickly create product-series of models, sizes and colours, and to follow them in terms of sales.

Scale – POS certification

The till can be linked to a number of scales for which a periodic certification is needed.
License per scale.

Cash declaration

Cash and safe format and counting, where the mutations from RetailVista POS are periodically processed and the cash-difference over the period can be determined.


With this module labels can be printed on Sato thermal label printers
(The Meto SP40 II label printer is also supported)

Product lists

Product lists make it easier to perform specific operations. For example, instead of printing a label per product you can quickly add a number of products to a product list and then give the print command. Or, for example, at one time give all the products in the product list a discount price.
Other possibilities of the product list:

  • Give a discount at one time
  • Import an account sale
  • Import a purchase order
  • Book as goods-in
  • Send to webshop
  • Import in sales order module
  • Copy to other product lists
  • Send to Excel


Module with which statistics on all sorts of levels can be made. Statistics on corporate, group and item level are among the possibilities.


The customer can scan a product and the description, price and ,when in discount, the discount price is displayed.


Per preferred supplier and item category calculation invoices from purchase price to retail selling price can be logged. The selling price can also be rounded.

Customer counter

The interface with the customer counter works basically with the customer counter NedFox supplies. Customer counts, date and time are real-time processed in RetailVista. Various reports can be made of customer conversion, number of counts versus number of cash receipts.

Relationship management

Account sales
Create "on account" transactions in the till or in the RetailVista back-office. These transactions can be modified in the back-office.


Make invoices of the "on account" transactions. A sales journal can be generated for the accounting software.

Loyalty card

Module that allows a savings balance, in points or pounds value, per customer can be built on the basis of a "regular customer card". The savings can be redeemed at a next visit of the customer to the store or via the webshop. In case of use of the module RetailVista Giftcard, the saved balance can automatically be converted to a gift voucher when a preset value is reached.
This module is also used just to register purchases of customers for personal marketing schemes, so not linked to a general savings method.
For multiple centre use of loyalty system the module Loyalty Card needed.
1. e-Loyalty subscription – fixed monthly fee
2. e-Loyalty per transaction – per savings-card transaction, a fee is levied

Mailing export

Based on user defined parameters (e.g. sales period and item groups) an Excel file filled with relationship data is composed. You can then use this data for your mailings/newsletters solution.

Giftcard integration basic module

Basic module for working with barcoded or magnetic stripe gift cards. Handles the processing of gift card transactions of own RetailVista giftcards or, interfacing with other giftcard systems such as HTA.

RetailVista giftcard interface

Giftcard module fully integrated within RetailVista. Module to register your own giftcards. In case of return-sale you can print out a gift voucher. Giftcard integration basic module is needed. Only activated giftcards are 'valid' as a payment type. Therefore stolen or losts cards won't be accepted by the till.
Only activated giftcards are accepted by RetailVista.

Intersolve giftcard interface

When using Intersolve as card-processor this interface is needed.
Giftcard integration basic module is needed.

TCS Intersolve gift card interface

When using TCS as card-processor this interface is needed.
Gift-card integration basic module is needed.

Additional gift card type

When using more Intersolve or TCS card types this interface is needed.
Per additional type of gift-card this license is needed.



The perfect solution for a sound stock administration. Stock count and the stock determination can take place through reference date.


Based on the received items the exact purchase value is known.
This purchase value is the basis for the determination of the cost-price in sales (based on FIFO).

This purchase value is also the basis for the stock valuation based on FIFO.
On the basis of the stock quantity the exact purchase value can be determined in which the oldest lot in stock determines the purchase value. The modules Stock and Goods-in are needed.

Purchase orders

Purchase orders can be made in the following ways:

  • Manually
  • Generate purchase orders
  • Import product-list
  • Import Excel files
  • EDI: Order raised by supplier
  • PDA / RetailEverywhere: function "Purchase order"

Purchase recommendations

Functionality to make a merged purchase recommendation over multiple locations. From the recommendation central head-office purchase orders will follow or local purchase orders on each location. Surplus stock is also supported for delivering products between branch offices. The supply of a central purchase order to the branch offices is facilitated by means of sale orders and reservations.


Possibility to receive items with or without a previous purchase order.

Return products

Functionality to log and process return products to a supplier.

Automatic stock (suggested purchase order)

The function “purchase order generation” can be done on the basis of periodic (often night process) recalculated “order point” and “requested stock”. There is a hierarchic model where exceptions can be made on store, supplier, brand, product category or product. The modules Stock, Goods-in and Purchase orders are needed.

Warehouse administration

The ability to track multiple warehouses in terms of stock. Includes functionality to move stock between locations, or to receive it in a specific location. A location or group of locations (for example a row in the warehouse) can be zero-ed and counted separately. Module Stock is needed.
The module RetailEverywhere is highly recommended because of the possibility of scanning the location barcode when moving stock.

Sale orders

Module which makes it possible to perfectly register and deliver customers orders. This can be a customer order in the store or a web shop order. Exact time/place of (partial) delivery as well as method of transport can be linked to the order.
Sale orders can be made on the PDA (module RetailEverywhere)

Parcel service

Orders to be delivered can be sent via a generic link to a carrier. Per colli a shipping label will be printed through the carrier software. The module Sale orders is needed.

RetailLink EDI integration

Sending purchase orders, receiving product (Electronic Delivery Note) and purchase invoices via EDI, with regard to external suppliers.

RetailLink subscription

Linking EDI messages between EDI-connection numbers of suppliers and shops.

Purchase invoice control

Purchase invoices received from a supplier based on EDI-invoice-message can be checked with the actual receipts. The settlement of differences in numbers and value is part of the functionality. The modules RetailLink EDI and RetailLink subscription are needed.

Import data collector

Importing data (barcode and amount) of a data collector.

RetailEverywhere PDA

RetailVista functionality on a handheld terminal/PDA:

  • Purchase recommendations
  • Warehouse-location: move product
  • Purchase orders
  • Warehouse-location: move location
  • Goods-in
  • Warehouse-location: location information
  • Stock
  • Pre-scan (scanning carts in waiting line)
  • Automatic stock
  • Stocktaking
  • Sale orders
  • Stock correction
  • Account sales
  • Change sale price
  • Flower arrangements
  • Print labels

Functionality depending on the active modules. Module Interface RetailEverywhere needed.

Interface RetailEverywhere

Provides communication from the central system with the PDA(s).
One-time purchase in RetailVista, regardless of the number of PDA’s.

Branch administration (a logical combination of modules)
The logistics between the head-office and branch offices in terms of central and local purchase ordering and the occasional inter-branch exchange of goods. In this the message flow is managed via EDI whereby the supply of goods is in balance without manual input.
Module combination:

  • Product information
  • Product lists
  • Statistics
  • Purchase orders
  • Warehouse administration
  • Sale orders
  • Account sales
  • EDI integration
  • RetailLink subscription

  • RetailEverywhere PDA: particularly useful for the distribution of the central purchase orders at the head-office
  • Invoicing: For invoicing another office but also for combining multiple account sales to 1 delivery-note for the receiving office


Interface EFT (card) payment terminal
UK: Link with DataCash operational.

Accounts exports

The journals of the modules Cash declaration, Invoicing and Purchase invoice control can be exported to accounting software. Amongst others: Sage, Winbooks, Twinfield and several others.

Webshop interface

Publish your products with associated information and photos on your web shop(s)/website(s). Customer orders can be processed as sale orders (module Sale orders needed) in RetailVista.

Exchange and file-links

Exchange basic module

Managing and processing of product mutations from a head-office or supplier Excel file so that a company can process these mutations in a structured way.

Interface Head office

Exchange process with the head office for the collection of product mutations.

Interface Excel

Importing suppliers lists with product information/mutations

Data-warehouse export

Module for exporting sales data to Business Intelligence platforms.

RetailVista Mobile

Currently in development. Solution for mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads/iPods/tablets etc. Supported platforms: IOS, Android and Windows Phone. This allows users to use their mobile device with a scanner option which is purchased separately.

RetailVista Mobile POS
Currently in development. The same functionality as RetailVista POS but then completely online.