Garden Connect - Online marketing services

Garden Connect helps you to drive more traffic to your garden centre via innovative online
marketing solutions. Over 150 garden centres already use Garden Connect solutions and 60 of them are using the integrated solution with RetailVista ePOS.

Garden Connect's unique services include:

  • Websites including content like gardening tips & news
  • Webshops
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social media
  • Loyalty marketing including apps
  • Mobile
Want to learn more? Have a look at the Garden Connect or call for a meeting at your garden centre (+44) 203 475 5541.



Datacash - Integrated Payment processing

RetailVista ePOS has an integration with DataCash payment solutions. This guarantees the fastest possible way of processing card transactions at the till. And becuase of the integration there are no manual input errors anymore. DataCash is Payment Processing provider. Thus one single contact for your payment processing needs for Debit and Credit Card processing for Customer Present Payments and Customer Not-present Payments.



Sage - Integration with their Accounting software

Easy to use, affordable accounting software from the market leader in Garden Centre Accounting software.
RetailVista has an interface with Sage Accounting so you don't have to manually input your daily cash declaration journals and invoice journals anymore.

Sato Europe

Sato Labelling solutions

Sato is a leading player in the field of labelling solutions. The users of the Sato printers highly value the quality and usability of the printers. In RetailVista there are drivers for the whole range of Sato printers, from Mobile (MB-series), Desktop (GL-series) up to the Bulk printing CL4NX commonly used in Garden Centres.

Comprehensive system monitoring by Maxfocus

With MAXfocus we can pro-actively monitor the status of (ePOS-) systems. With the centralized dashboard we can see the status of all pc's at a customer in one view and
take action where necessary.

  • Automated monitoring of ePOS systems
  • Automated maintenance
  • Centralized dashboard
  • Patch management (Microsoft and third party software updates)
  • Managed antivirus (Powered by Bitdefender)
  • Managed online backup (of all your documents, photos and so on)
  • Web protection (disable access to for instance social media webpages)


Herbert Scales
Integrated weighing solutions with Herbert scales

RetailVista ePOS has an integration with the Herbert scales. Weighted items are displayed in RetailVista ePOS once the scale has detected that there is no movement anymore on the scale.


 Cashguard, closed cash handling

CashGuard closed cash system

Robbery ? Till differences ? Pilfering ? Errors while exchanging ? Security issues around the counting or skimming of your till ?  CashGuard is your solution !

How does it work ?

  • The CashGuard system is attached to the RetailVista ePOS system. This is done in close cooperation between CashGuard and NedFox.
  • The regular cash drawer will be replaced by the CashGuard.
  • Operation remains unchanged; you insert notes from the customer in the CashGuard.
  • CashGuard determines the change and return this; coins directly to the customer and notes trough the cashier.
  • A customer can insert coins directly.
  • A customer can withdraw extra cash.
  • The system can be skimmed or reloaded during operation.
  • All information is visible trough the standard backoffice application of CashGuard and it will advise on skimming or reloading.
  • At the end-of-the-day you will place a transportbox on the till and you will order the system (trough the CashGuard backoffice application) to skim the system. The Float remains for the next day in the system. All the excessive cash will be skimmed automatically to the transportbox. No one touches the money.
  • The application "knows" and reports how much money is skimmed and will report.


In the Netherlands supplied by our partner Merlin

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